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Sports Betting Odds In Las Vegas

There is a reason that most professional sports bettors live in Las Vegas, and there is a reason for this - Vegas sports odds generally post for an event before nearly any other. Vegas based sportsbooks also offer some of the highest diversity among the different types of odds. What we are here to do is show you the range of different sports and events you can bet on in Vegas, and we are also going to show you some alternatives for betting outside of Vegas. Since a trip to Nevada is not something most people can do on a whim, especially for entertainment purposes rather than professional, we have collected some of the best options for sports betting outside of actually running to Vegas. Regardless, our main focus has been on the odds that originate in Vegas rather than anything else.

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Types of Sports Bets And Odds

Oddsmakers in Vegas are employed to offer their opinions as to how specific events are going to unfold. These numbers, based on statistics and recent performances, as well as injuries and the like, are all taken into consideration when the Vegas sports betting odds are set each day. Oddsmakers are all incredibly accurate, and we have found that those employed in Vegas are amongst the best the world has to offer. Be it the outcome of a single event, the outcome of a season, or even some of the specialized prop bets that are available, these oddmakers will set the chances of a particular outcome.

Future Sports Bets

Futures are some of the most important bets that are available, as they generally carry some of the highest paying odds out there. While all bets cover something based on events in the future, Futures are somewhat different. With futures, you will generally be wagering on something that is set to take place several weeks, months, or even years into the future, as is the case with election bets and bets on the Olympics. Futures generally carry huge payouts, especially with those who are not very favored to win in the long run. While you may be facing a long shot with nearly every single betting line you use, the money that can be won is generally worth it.

Prop Sports Bets

Prop bets are another broad type of wager we have covered. These types of sports odds can be based on a team, based on an individual, or even other oddities. There are really no limit as to what can be bet on through prop bets. Whether it is how many yards Tom Brady will throw through the season or how many RBI's Albert Pujols will earn through the year, these prop bets will offer you a way to bet on something that has nothing to do with who will win or lose a game, though some of them can. Prop bets cover nearly every single sport, but they also cover events outside of sports, such as political events or television shows. Realistically, there is nothing that cannot be bet on through a Vegas based sportsbook.

NFL Sports Betting

The NFL attracts more bettors than nearly any other game, and oddsmakers in Vegas cover quite a few different aspects of the game. Prop bets are one form of wager that is highly exciting, but these can be confusing to some people. The NFL team futures are some of the highest paying bets that can be fairly easy to predict, but injuries can also be a problem. We mustn't ignore the NFL weekly betting odds either, as each week has up to 16 games per week. We are here to offer you a general overview of each set of odds for the week, all to provide our readers with a way to see all of the odds available without having to bounce around through each individual team.

Types of Sports Available To Bet On

Every sport has its own championship event, and these championship events generally receive more wagers than nearly any other game of their respective season. When it comes to the NCAA tournaments, the NBA and NHL finals, the World Series and especially the Super Bowl, you will see that there are more odds on these games than nearly any other. We can assure you that you will find quite a few different ways to wager on each of these events, and you should not have any trouble if you follow in on the betting odds available through Vegas or online sportsbooks.

Summer and Winter Olympics

Both the Summer and Winter Olympics are on a four year schedule, with one set of games running every two years. Sportsbooks will offer odds on each of these games, allowing bettors to place wagers on various elements of these events. Some examples would include which country will win the most medals, or how many medals a certain country will take, or which nation will earn the medal in particular events. There are generally an extensive amount of wagers that can be found by way of the Olympics, and these world wide contests are some of the most heavily wagered through Vegas based sportsbooks, as well as their online counterparts.

Television Betting

Odds are not always limited to sports, as there are usually some other things you can wager on. Television series carry wagering odds, including odds on the different celebrities in these shows, the outcome of reality TV series such as XFactor and American Idol, and others. A few extra examples would be who replaced Conan O'Brien, who would replace major newscasters and similar events. Political betting odds are also available. In terms of politics, the most commonly wagered on event is who will win the presidential elections. Other elections are occasionally covered by sets of odds, though these are not very common. Weather extremes, the stock market, how a movie will do on its opening weekend and much, much more can be wagered on outside of sports.

Top Sportsbooks

So now you have some idea as to what you want to bet on, but visiting Las Vegas is nearly impossible on a bet-by-bet instance. Due to the nature of the sports betting, building online sportsbooks was incredibly easy. There are a large number of different online sportsbooks readily available, and many of them follow in suit with Vegas based odds. We cannot promise you that the odds will be 100% similar to those found in Vegas, but there are very few legitimate oddsmakers out there, and many of them are shared between the different sportsbooks on the market. The sportsbooks we have to show you are as close to a Vegas style sportsbook as you can get without actually being there. You can also find a list of the best USA sportsbooks here if you are looking for US only betting sites.


The Bovada sportsbook is one of the leading betting sites out there. They provide their users with one of the most exciting lists of odds on the market. They have incorporated every last sport and event that is capable of holding wagers. Over 15 different categories are listed on their book. Their betting card is easy enough to read that even those with no knowledge of using the Internet can place wagers. We have found that Bovada even offers a 10% unlimited match bonus, which can be used all throughout their sportsbook. When it comes to Bovada's deposits you will be able to fund your account by way of VISA, wire transfers, and MyPayLinq. Bovada is one of the most trusted sportsbooks out there, and you can count on them to deliver a fair and legitimate gaming experience every step of the way.

SportsBetting SPORTSBOOK

SportsBetting is another sportsbook that we can assure you is of the highest quality possible. We have been using SportsBetting as our own for a long time, and they have built their service into one of the best by offering more categories for betting than nearly any other sportsbook. SportsBetting has brought their users a 25% match bonus, which is good for up to $100 n free cash. No matter where you wish to place your wagers, you will find it easy enough through SportsBetting. They have many deposit methods, including Mastercard, VISA, American Express and bank transfers. SportsBetting is one of the most trusted sportsbooks online, and we can assure you that you will never be met with anything other than a quality experience when gambling through their site.


BetOnline may not be one of the larger sportsbooks out there, but they are definitely one of the most enjoyable sportsbooks out there. We have found that BetOnline is one of the most complete sportsbooks, and they offer their users dozens of betting lines on a daily basis. Everything discussed on this page can be found through BetOnline sportsbook. They will match or exceed any of their competitor's bonuses, giving up to $900 in free cash to any player who accepts their bonus package. This is easily one of the most generous promotions out there. BetOoline uses VISA, Prepaid cards, e-checks, money orders, person to person transfers, checks and bank wires as deposit methods, making it as easy as possible to fund your account. No matter which aspect of the Vegas sports betting odds you wish to use, you will find it through BetOnline.